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Our TOP 5 books: For a stronger you.

Unlock personal growth with our ‘Top 5 Favorite Reads’—a curated selection of wellness wisdom, providing practical insights and valuable information to nourish your mind and elevate your journey. Dive into a world of transformative knowledge and elevate your well-being today!

1) ‘Practicing Human’ by Michael Roman, a guide and dive into what makes us all human

2) ‘The Pivot Year’ unlocking the words, moments and thoughts we all share

3) ‘Never Split the Difference’ your key to powerful negotiation skills and how to bring power to your words

4) ‘The Neuroscience of Mindfulness’ for a deeper understanding of the mind’s potential

5) 'Harvard Business Review’s ‘10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence’—a holistic approach to personal and professional growth

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